KIMs Lifeline 4 weeks in stores – user reviews, reviews and outlook

WOW – 4 weeks KIMs Lifeline already have passed, 12.500 downloads in Android and iOS – happy!

After months of heavy work and testing, we have published KIMs lifeline the 13.04.2017. This blog post is a short review about the findings.

If we break down what have happened: we have seen around 12.500 with around 50 user reviews. Appszoom (8 from 10 points expert rating, 10 form 10 points user rating), Appslice and Arabapps have mentioned us. Overall user feedback is around 4.6 (out of 5 stars), good. Nice that users compare us to other apps like Sara is Missing, One button travel or even Lifeline.

We have analyzed what our users are doing and have adapted some small things:

  • less than 1% of all users could save KIM and be his/her lifeline … we have adapted the story on some turns to make things less challenging
  • some users did not understand: “Connection lost – reconnecting” and thought that the app was hanging … this is a feature and not a bug :_), KIM contacts you back when possible (we have added time estimation when KIM is back)
  • it seems that not everybody understood our nice navigation¬†… so we have added some animation to it
  • performance in the app was somethings slow, we have been working on this as well
  • worked on the monetization model with the video ads

In overall we are happy about the results. KIMs social media (travel blog in facebook / twitter / Instagram) have constant likes and comments. The transmedia story works.

What is next?

  • we will have a major update with 4 more languages: French, German, Portuguese, Spanish
  • we are thinking about adding Apple TV support / Android TV support

Write us, tell us your feedback please.

And enjoy: only 1% of all users are able to safe KIM. Be the ONE!