KIMs lifeline – transmedia travel text adventure & chat stories app now live

We are life with KIMs lifeline app! The transmedia travel text adventure app.

It took us 9 months to create and polish this app, but now we are available in itunes and google play.

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Kim’s Lifeline is an immersive transmedia chat stories app. Do you have the skills to survive this epic travel text adventure? There is only one way out … Rewind the story for a new episode. The whole story is built up in bit-sized text messages that will get you hooked. Transmedia story: find KIMs lifeline travelblog in facebook / twitter and instagram.

We love reading, just like you. And we love traveling. So we have created this app to make your reading experience fun and let you dream of your next holiday. A story that drops you right into the place of action, you will feel the island with KIM.


– the option to take decisions for KIM based on your travel experience (hooked chat stories & choose your story, Annie96)
– changes in background images and sounds based on KIM’s actual situation (Tap chat stories & GameBook)
– interactive story app where you talk to KIM and help him to decide on next steps in real time (yarn chat fiction & chat messages)
– immersive story app with notifications that keeps you updated in real time about KIM’s steps (thrilling like Sara is missing)
– the option to rewind the story to see how it evolves when you take other decisions (episode choose your story)

Don’t hesitate! Download the Must Have Travel Text Adventure App: KIM’s Lifeline. The chat stories app.